Your Guide to Caring for Your Dental Implants!

Without a doubt, dental implants have become one of the biggest, most asked-about advancements in the dentistry field. Not only do dental implants simulate the appearance and function of natural teeth, but they stimulate the surrounding bone, too. In fact, many people with missing teeth are eager to talk about dental implants in Oakbrook Terrance, IL with a trained periodontist. And that might include you, too! 

How can you make sure that you continue to get the benefits of your dental implants year after year after your placement surgery? The answer boils down to the care you put into your oral health and hygiene. Yes, dental implants are engineered to last a lifetime. But you need to do your part to ensure that they stay in tiptop condition.

Below are several ways to care for one or more dental implants so they can continue to give you the smile of your dreams.


Follow All Post-Op Instructions

After undergoing dental implant surgery, you will receive a list of post-operative recommendations. These will include anything from what types of food to eat, to what not to do, such as using tobacco products for several weeks. You should follow these instructions to the letter and call a dentist for clarification if you are confused. Prioritizing post-op guidelines helps reduce the risk of implant failure due to avoidable infection.

Become Diligent About Brushing, Flossing, and Rinsing

Your dental implants offer you an investment in your long-term wellness. One way to ensure that you take care of them for years is through daily brushing, flossing, and—if recommended by a dentist—rinsing with a special product. If you have always found it difficult to find time to perform a healthy mouth routine twice daily, make sure to schedule it into your day after receiving dental implants. The cleaner your teeth and gums, the less chance you will experience issues with your dental implants or the surrounding hard or soft tissues.

Alert a Dentist About Any Concerns

What happens if the area around your dental implants becomes red, swollen, or inflamed? How about if your dental implants begin to feel less stable? These and any other red flags need to be talked about with a dentist immediately. Why? Issues like peri-implantitis frequently respond to treatment when they are diagnosed early. But a dentist cannot help if you say nothing about your questions and problems.

Make and Maintain Dental Appointments

It is hard to underestimate the value of making and keeping your dental appointments. Even though dental implants are sturdy and dependable, they still need to be evaluated by a dentist twice a year. So do the other parts of your mouth, including your teeth, gums, inner cheeks, and tongue. Therefore, you should always strive to put a priority on getting cleanings and checkups. Remember: Prevention always costs less than intervention.


Are You Ready to Receive Dental Implants in Oakbrook Terrance, IL?

No doubt about it: Dental implants are a wise, practically permanent solution for anyone with missing teeth. Whether you opt for a single implant or a full arch prosthetic supported by several implants, you need to take care and maintenance of your mouth seriously. That way, you can enjoy the advantages of your dental implants for decades. Are you interested in knowing all your choices when it comes to Dental Implants? Contact our office in Oakbrook Terrance, IL to schedule an appointment today with our doctors, Dr. George A. MandelarisDr. Bradley S. DeGroot, and Dr. Alan L. Rosenfeld!

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