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Orthodontic Digital Planning Yields Improved Outcomes

In order to give you the best possible results from your orthodontic treatment, we always do significant planning beforehand. Without this, you run the risk of encountering issues including teeth relapsing and gum recession problems. Advanced imaging and tooth movement simulation technology enables us to offer orthodontic digital planning in Oak Brook, IL and map out your procedure (with alternative options) before rendering any treatment on you. This removes all the guesswork from any procedure before it is performed, minimizing the risk of unanticipated issues and producing better, more predictable results. This can help us prevent bone loss,  gum recession and, in some cases,  unnecessary tooth extractions. By understanding the challenges and/or possibilities before commencing with treatment through this technology and workflow, we can put the patient in the very best position possible to make informed decisions about their health care as well as treatment options.
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  • When imaging with CBCT, Dr. George Mandelaris recommends using a chin cup to obtain a fully seated condylar position.

3D Orthodontic Digital Planning

We collaborate with orthodontic colleagues who use imaging based tooth movement simulation software and digitally plan each  case. When needed, Drs. Mandelaris and DeGroot collaborate by providing surgical therapy to help ensure that bone loss and gum problems do not happen as a consequence of tooth movement. Using low-radiation CT equipment, this advanced technology allows us to show you in a digital 3D model where your teeth currently are and where they’re going to be after we complete your treatment. You can also see how our team will move your tooth roots and build the bone around the roots for safer treatment, if needed. With all this planning, we’re able to provide a custom orthodontics solution designed to straighten your teeth based on your individual anatomy, help preserve your natural dentition and support a beautiful smile with a solid bite.

  • Pre Op CBCT. Malocclusion and limited facial bone around teeth.
  • 3D orthodontic simulation and treatment plan. Insufficient native bone to accommodate tooth movement.
  • Progress CBCT at 6 months post SFOT surgery. Malocclusion corrected and bone augmentation noted to accommodate safe tooth movement.
  • Before and After SFOT Procedure Front
  • Before and After SFOT Procedure Bottom

Surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy (SFOT)

Building bone around the teeth may be necessary if you do not have enough bone in your jaw to support the correct alignment of your existing teeth. This is common with patients who have crowding or crooked teeth. Via 3D imaging technology, we can create a virtual rendering of your jaw on a computer screen and simulate your orthodontic therapy in a kind of “run-through” that enables us to make adjustments for the best outcomes.  

  • Initial scan (left), tooth simulation without modifying bone (middle), and final tooth movement with bone augmentation (right)

Get the smile you desire with orthodontic digital planning.