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An Effective Solution for Gum Recession

Gum recession is a condition that causes the gums to wear away, shrink, or pull back and expose the tooth root.  Your gumline becomes uneven, making some teeth look longer than their counterparts and giving you an asymmetrical smile. Without protection your gums usually provide, your teeth can become very sensitive to different temperatures. Receding gums  are also accompanied by bone loss. The combination of gum recession adn bone loss increases your chances of developing tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, loose teeth, and subsequent tooth loss. By placing new gum tissue in the area, we can provide root coverage that will make your smile more beautiful and balanced, reduce or eliminate your tooth sensitivity, and protect your teeth from decay. As board-certified periodontists, the team at Periodontal Medicine & Surgical Specialists are specially trained to treat all issues regarding your gum health. We can give you back your natural gumline through effective gum grafting in Oak Brook Terrace and Glenview, IL.

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Dr. Bradley S. DeGroot discussing gum grafting procedure

How Gum Grafting Works

Gum grafting is a remarkably straightforward procedure that yields incredible results. Our surgical specialists harvest a piece of healthy tissue—often from the roof of your mouth, which has a texture, appearance, and durability similar to your gums—and places it where you’re experiencing gum recession. We can also source this gum tissue from other teeth in your mouth that may be too “gummy,” or even from a donor source. We numb you with anesthesia for the duration of the gum grafting procedure and may also prescribe medication for any pain you might experience afterward. The tissue graft will eventually heal and become a natural, incorporated part of your gumline. Gums usually heal quickly on their own, but if you carefully follow your post-op instructions, you may have an even faster recovery and begin enjoying all the benefits of healthy, attractive gums even sooner!

Reasons You May Experience Gum Recession

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