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Sleep Right Through Your Surgery

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General Anesthesia in Our Office

If dental anxiety is an issue for you, we understand completely. Not only do we offer sedation, but we also offer complete comfort and relaxation provided by a board-certified dental anesthesiologist with general anesthesia in Oak Brook Terrace and Glenview, IL. The dental anesthesiologist is a doctor specialized in anesthesia, pain management, and patient safety during dental surgery. The dental anesthesiologist is focused solely on your unique needs throughout the surgery, keeping you safe and relaxed in an outpatient setting. By working closely with these professionals, we are uniquely able to offer comfort and peace-of-mind for our patients.

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All Our Sedation Options

Your Safety Always Comes First

Our practice has a fully equipped operating room that includes CBCT digital technology and all necessary equipment for the administration and monitoring of patients under general anesthesia. 

To the industry, this means that our practice adheres to the highest, most up-to-date, standards in modern outpatient surgery, with optimized conditions for surgical predictability and patient safety.

To you, that means you can rest assured that we always follow the utmost safety protocols. Not all facilities that apply for this prestigious designation receive it.

Our doctors are all credentialed and trained periodontists. Along with our board-certified dental anesthesiologists, we are able to provide care with an exceptional level of safety and outstanding outcomes.

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Receive comfortable, convenient care with general anesthesia!