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Dr. Mandelaris explaining digital smile design software

See Who You Could Be with Digital Smile Design

In addition to providing you with dental implants and gum disease treatment, we partner with exceptional dentists and prosthodontists. This partnership allows us to design a treatment plan that is meaningful and essential to the patient in a team oriented contexts. Many of our colleagues are digital smile design masters. Digital Smile Design enables you to see the end result before any treatment is performed so expectations are set from the get go.

While all of the treatments we offer can completely transform your quality of life, smile, dental health, and even your overall health, Digital Smile Design enables you to see the end results before we’ve performed any procedures. An aesthetic dentistry tool, Digital Smile Design is a software solution that captures the smile you have today and shows you what it could look like after your treatment is complete. Your smile is possibly your most distinctive physical characteristic and is typically the first thing other people notice when they meet you. If you’re not happy with your smile, whether due to decayed, crooked, or missing teeth,  it can be hard to hide that dissatisfaction. The good news is that you don’t have to live with your smile and, thanks to Digital Smile Design in Oak Brook Terrace and Glenview, IL, you don’t have to wait until the end of treatment to see the new you.

Collaborative Esthetic Dentistry

At Periodontal Medicine & Surgical Specialists we believe in a collaborative approach to care. We always educate you on any dental conditions you may be experiencing, discuss your treatment options, and enable you to drive the direction of your care. Digital Smile Design facilitates and streamlines this process considerably. You start with a personalized consultation that gives you the opportunity to explain just how you want your new smile to make you look and feel. Our partner clinicians will capture high-resolution images of your face and, with your guidance, create your ideal smile virtually, allowing you to see it, make any adjustments you want right there on the screen, and give your final approval before beginning your real-life transformation.

Key Benefits of Digital Smile Design


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