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Tooth Extractions Are the Start of a Better Smile

When you’re experiencing tooth pain, it can be one of the most distracting, all-consuming sensations you’ll feel. Whether it’s due to tooth decay, a dying nerve, a cracked tooth, or a number of other possible causes, tooth pain will often make eating, drinking, and even sleeping difficult or altogether impossible. While the solution may be as simple as filling a cavity, it can also be far more complex than that. In some cases, it may require gentle tooth extraction in Oak Brook Terrace and Glenview, IL.

At Periodontal Medicine & Surgical Specialists, we do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth. If we determine that a tooth can’t be saved, we’ll explain why and educate you on the process and benefits of tooth extractions. These can be performed after you’ve received sedation so that the procedure is more relaxed. Extractions are carried out with compassion, care, and with the most minimally invasive techniques. Afterward, we provide any medications or additional treatment you may need. Losing teeth is never fun, but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable. When you’re in pain, we’ll be here for you.

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Conditions That May Require Tooth Extractions

Follow Tooth Extractions with Dental Implants

After tooth extractions your tooth pain should soon subside. While certainly a relief, it shouldn’t be the final step in your treatment, however. You’ll have a gap or gaps in your smile which you may find unflattering. Worse still, those missing teeth can cause problems eating—of a different kind than when you had tooth pain, but still troublesome—and make your speech sound slurred and unnatural. The biggest concern of all is far more serious. When you lose teeth, the parts of your jawbone underneath become susceptible to decay and bone loss, making further treatment necessary. 

We can help you avoid all of these issues with bone grafting and dental implants. Our highly experienced team of dental implant specialists—all board-certified periodontists—will replace those lost teeth with long-lasting, natural-looking artificial teeth that perfectly match and complement their surrounding teeth. We’d like the opportunity to explain in greater detail and determine if dental implants are right for you. Ask for a consultation without delay.

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