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Advanced Gum Disease?

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Osseous Surgery- A solution

Gum disease is a chronic condition that can only be managed through meticulous maintenance and ongoing treatment. We generally begin gum disease treatment with non-surgical procedures including scaling and root planing. If your gum disease is advanced to the point that it can’t be remedied with less-invasive therapies such as these, we may recommend osseous surgery—an advanced gum disease protocol—as the solution. As board-certified periodontists, our doctors specialize in periodontal care making them exceptionally qualified to treat your gum disease in Oak Brook Terrace and Glenview, IL and manage the full range of gum health-related issues.

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What to Expect

Osseous surgery is a highly effective procedure that our team has not only received specialized training for but have completed many times with consistent results. After numbing the area with a local anesthetic, our periodontal specialists cut around the teeth in the affected area allowing access to the bone and tooth roots. After the roots have been thoroughly cleaned through scaling, the doctors use a drill and hand tools to reshape the bone around the teeth. Bone is removed in some areas to restore it to a uniform level. Bone grafting may also be necessary to fill in large defects. The gums are then placed back over the remaining bone and sutured after infected tissue is removed, and the site is covered with a bandage or dressing. Bleeding and swelling may occur after surgery; this can be easily controlled by placing an ice pack on the outside of the affected area. We generally prescribe pain medicine and mouth rinses to promote healing following the surgery. Follow-up visits may be necessary, and you must stick to a stringent maintenance program during healing to prevent infection.

Benefits of Osseous Surgery

Dental health and systemic health are intimately connected. As periodontists, we strive to address both. Gum disease can negatively impact other organs and systems in your body, leading to more serious issues. Osseous surgery provides benefits that can prevent many of these complications from occurring:

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Reducing Bacterial Spread

Bacteria from the mouth can spread throughout the body and cause other life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and respiratory disease. Removing deep tartar and thereby bacteria, can help reduce the risk of bacteria spreading.

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Preventing Bone Loss

The immune system’s inflammatory response prompted by periodontal bacteria can lead to bone loss in the jaw region and lead to tooth loss. Osseous surgery seeks to stop periodontal disease before it progresses to this level.

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Enhancing the Smile

Mouths plagued with periodontal disease are often unsightly. Brown gums, rotting teeth, and ridge indentations can leave you feeling depressed and too self-conscious to smile. Fortunately, osseous surgery can help reduce bacteria and disease and thereby restore your mouth to its former radiance, while restoring your confidence at the same time.

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Facilitating Home Care

As the gum pocket deepens, it can become nearly impossible to brush and floss adequately. Osseous surgery reduces pocket size, making it easier for you to brush and floss, and thus preventing further periodontal disease.

With our expertise, your gums are in good hands.