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Bone Grafting Opens the Door for Dental Implants

Your jawbone provides a firm foundation for your teeth. If you lose teeth to decay, gum disease, or as the result of trauma, the underlying jawbone can also suffer negative effects. Often, bone is lost due to infection. Additionally, without teeth to keep it healthy through activities such as chewing, your jawbone will begin to shrink after teeth are lost. Before long, you’ve got both missing teeth and missing bone to contend with. Dental implants are a long-lasting, natural-looking substitute for your natural teeth, but how do you return your jawbone to a condition that will enable it to support them? Bone grafting is the answer. Bone grafting allows us to rebuild lost or deteriorated bone and provide a stable foundation to support implants. With two board-certified periodontists who are acclaimed dental implant surgeons, Periodontal Medicine & Surgical Specialists is your source for comprehensive dental implant care, including bone grafting in Oak Brook Terrace and Glenview, IL. We can provide you with the expertise and perform all implant-related procedures right here in our office.

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Rebuilding Bone Through the Power of Your Own Body

Bone grafting is a revolutionary treatment that can restore lost structure back to your jaw in preparation for dental implants. This involves surgically placing bone graft material so that your body can heal and actually make brand new bone. This new bone is your bone – it is alive and natural. The bone source we use depends upon the severity of your bone loss. After healing, this new bone functions as part of your jaw: it is able to support dental implants. 

In order to provide you with the best care, our doctors continually seek out the most innovative techniques available. These include natural processes that enable your bone to regenerate itself using your own cells. Bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) treatment stimulates your body to regrow bone. Growth factors, proteins found naturally in your blood, help improve your body’s healing process.

With guided periodontal tissue regeneration, we’re able to heal bone loss caused by periodontal disease using membranes made from natural materials. We can also use growth factors to help you heal. Our doctors will discuss the various options with you during a consultation so that you can proceed as a fully informed partner in your own treatment.

Benefits of Bone Grafting and Tissue Engineering

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Bone Grafting Procedures

However it occurs, bone loss often requires treatment for predictable dental implant treatment. Most commonly, when we have lost bone we can perform a procedure called ridge augmentation, which involves using bone grafts to rebuild the natural contours of your jaw. This can allow us to place dental implants in ideal positions to restore your smile and facial appearance. In the top jaw, there are also spaces called sinuses that can expand and leave too little bone for implant placement. For this, a treatment called a sinus lift may be necessary to rebuild your bone. With sinus lifts, we carefully raise the floor of your sinus cavity and fill the space below it with bone grafting material that will eventually form new bone in the area.

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