First Outpatient Office-Based Surgery Center Accredited by AAAHC

Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialist in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois is the first office-based surgery center accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) that is run by board certified periodontists.

Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists a state-of-the-art surgical facility in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois that is owed and operated by George A. Mandelaris, DDS, MS. It is the first facility of its kind to be run by a board certified periodontist which is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). The 3,600 square feet facility has a fully equipped operating room that includes CBCT digital radiography technology and all necessary equipment for the administration and monitoring of patients under general anesthesia. Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists also has dedicated private space for pre-operative patient examinations as well as separate areas for post-surgical recovery and monitoring. The center also features an attractive waiting area for family members equipped with a television and complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists voluntarily agreed to be held to the rigorous accreditation standards in areas such as peer review, chart review, data collection, and all aspects of patient safety, especially those related to the administration of general anesthesia and surgical procedures.

According to Dr. George Mandelaris, Director of Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists, the center represents a leap forward in the way complex periodontal, implant and bone reconstruction surgery is performed. “We have always been on the leading edge of periodontal, implant and bone reconstruction surgery, and we built this new facility to accommodate the increasing sophistication of surgical procedures,” Dr. Mandelaris said. “We are pushing the boundaries of our specialty beyond the walls of the traditional private practice office model to offer the highest level of care to patients who often have complex needs. Our patients deserve the best so they can enjoy optimal and sustainable oral health and a high quality of life.”

Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists allows periodontal surgeons to focus on precise surgical procedures while the patient is monitored by a board certified dental anesthesiologist and a registered nurse with training and experience in cardiac critical care. The anesthesiologist and the registered nurse monitor the patient’s airway and vitalsigns in a controlled environment utilizing the same equipment and protocols found in hospital operating rooms.

According to Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists, Co-Director, Dr. Alan Rosenfeld, “The patient remains comfortable under general anesthesia and is constantly assessed by experts, while the periodontal surgeons perform complex procedures that would be much more difficult to accomplish in a traditional dental office setting.”

Dr. Mandelaris also explained that traditional treatment rooms are not suited for the increasing sophisticated surgical procedures that are available with today’s technology. Examples of the types of procedures performed in Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists, include surgery involving the periodontium and alveolar bone, sinus augmentation, bone reconstruction, tissue engineering, implant surgery, mucogingival and periodontal regenerative surgery, and well as surgically facilitated orthodontic therapy.

“In Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists, these procedures are performed in a safe, controlled environment while the patient remains relaxed and stress free under advanced anesthesia,” Dr. Mandelaris said.

When asked about high tech imaging technology, Dr. Rosenfeld explained, “Sophisticated imaging technology is important prior to procedures for diagnostic purposes, and Periodontal Medicine Surgical Specialists also utilizes cone beam (CBCT) technology to provide periodontal surgeons with instant, three-dimensional images during procedures. Digital x-rays are also utilized during procedures to verify anatomical landmarks and ensure the exact placement of dental implants.”

The new, high-tech facility will not result in higher fees for patients. According to Dr. Mandelaris, “Our fees will remain the same and have not increased as a result of creating a state-of-the-art surgical facility. As an AAAHC accredited Office-Based Surgery Center, we will do everything we can to maximize our patients’ medical health care plan benefits. To be clear, we want to emphasize that patients will have all the benefits of a state-of-the-art surgical facility without additional out-of-pocket expenses.”

The facility is located at: 1 S. 224 Summit Avenue, Suite 205, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181. For more information, please call: (630) 627-3930.

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